Dispute Resolution

If the Builder & Homeowner cannot agree on the resolution of a warranty defect(s), the Homeowner may request the Program to proceed to Conciliation. Conciliation is a process where the Program contracts an independent 3rd party professional skilled in new home construction, building code interpretation, building science, specific building disciplines and mediation to investigate the dispute and provide a binding decision, which includes a description of the corrective action. The conciliator’s decision is final and deemed to be binding upon the Builder and the Homeowner.

On receipt of a completed “Request for Conciliation” form from the Homeowner and a $200.00 fee, the Program will hire an independent Conciliator to investigate the dispute.

On completion, the Conciliator will provide a written decision, which is binding on both parties, that will detail findings and outline responsibility for warranty repairs. If the Builder is found to be responsible for repairs, there will be a deadline for completion. If the Builder does not complete the repairs within the time frame allotted, the Program will ensure that the work is completed as per the Conciliator’s decision.