What does the Warranty Not Cover?

  • Detached garages *, deck piles, patios, sidewalks, driveways and all home appliances
  • Unfinished homes:  SNHWP does not employ contractors to complete homes or reimburse home owners for the cost of completing a home in accordance with the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Heaving of concrete floor slabs or normal cracking
  • Repainting or redecorating of the home after drywall repairs
  • Alterations, deletions or additions including defects in materials and workmanship that were either completed or engaged by the home owner.
  • Surface defects in workmanship and materials not specified in writing by the home owner at the date of possession.
  • landscaping or surface water management after turnover
  • Contractual items:  the program does not become involved in disputes over contract specifications.  Ensure all items agreed upon are noted in the Offer to Purchase, Purchase Agreement or Renovation Agreement.

*Detached garages are not covered under the Limited New Home Warranty Certificate, however, it may be covered under the Limited Home Renovation Warranty Certificate.  Contact your Builder for confirmation of coverage.

See Limited Home Warranty Certificate for additional details