Prior to Possession

As your possession date approaches, your Builder will contact you to set up a “Pre-Delivery Inspection” or “PDI”.  This is a very important step in the home buying process.  During the PDI, you and your Builder will walk through your home and your Builder will familiarize you with your home and its systems, including useful information on maintenance and upkeep.  This is also the time to confirm that work on your new home is complete and satisfactory or to identify any outstanding items.  As you conduct the inspection, you and your Builder will look for defects and deficiencies*.  Any defects and deficiencies should be noted in writing on your Limited Home Warranty Certificate and attachment, if applicable.  You and your Builder are required to sign off on this document(s) at the conclusion of the inspection. Your Builder will provide you with a copy and will also forward a copy to the Program.  The Program will provide access to this and other relevant documents via the Homeowner Portal (currently under development) at

The inspection can take several hours and will require attention to detail on both the Builder and the Homeowner’s part.

Your Builder should resolve all items noted on the PDI documents within a reasonable timeframe.

*For the purpose of the PDI:

Defects are items that have been installed and completed but require additional work. Typically, these are cosmetic and are related to fit, finish or appearance.

Deficiencies are items in the Purchase Agreement which are incomplete or seasonal at the time of inspection.

Items not readily apparent during the PDI but identified after possession are covered by the Builder’s warranty and backed by Saskatchewan New Home Warranty. Items identified after possession should be brought to your Builder’s attention in writing, in a reasonable time frame.