How do I become a Builder* Member?

If you are a New Home Builder or Renovator who is interested in becoming a Member of the Saskatchewan New Home Warranty Program, please contact our offices at 306.373.7833 for an application package or click here to have the application package sent to you via e-mail.

Through the application process we will be seeking information from you regarding your technical background, financial status, credit history and references.

The application fee is $525.00 (includes GST) with an annual renewal fee of $280 (includes GST). Builders will be required to provide suitable security to backstop warranty obligations. The amount of security is dependent on the Builder risk rating assessment.

If you are accepted as a Builder Member by the Program, you will be registered as a Probationary Member. Probationary membership will last a minimum of one year. During this period, the Program will inspect your first three homes/renovation at different stages of construction to ensure compliance with the appropriate Building Codes and Saskatchewan New Home Warranty’s Construction Performance Guidelines.

On acceptance as a Builder Member, all new homes and/or renovations are required to be enrolled at the start of construction.

*Builder refers to New Home Builder and/or Renovator